Repair of kites

We repair kites using branded threads, rip-stop and glue. A wide choice of colors of rip-stop and thread allows you to make repairs almost imperceptible, and many years of experience in the repair of cylinders allows you to glue holes, tears, cuts of any size.

We, of course, do not expect you with torn kites, but if this happens, then we will gladly help to restore them. Also we have on sale always have slings and any accessories for your kites.

Approximate prices for repairs:

Damage Cost of repairs, EUR
Dome break in half50-60
Fine cloth repair10-15
Repair of the seam of the front cylinder15
Repair of the fabric of the front cylinder30
Repair of slings (cost per 1 line)9
Repair of polyurethane tanks30

Prices for other types of repairs vary depending on the complexity, length of the gap, the amount of consumable material.